Which Social Media App Has a Ghost as Its Mascot?

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Which social media app uses a ghost as its logo? Social media platforms use their logos to increase brand awareness and to show or hint at the functionality of their apps, and their logos will be remembered for a long time. How many social media apps do you use? And how many apps do your friends and relatives use? And how many use a ghost mascot as their logo?

What Is a Social Media Mascot?

Social media mascots are also known as brand characters. People have been using them for a long time, but now the internet and social media have made them famous. They serve as your brand ambassadors; they can be humans, objects, or animals, and they also increase awareness about products and serve the purpose of selling products online.

Which Social Media App Has a Ghost as Its Mascot?

You will finally know which social media app used a ghost as its mascot. The answer is concise and straightforward, and the answer is none other than Snapchat. Three Stanford University students developed the social media app Snapchat, and in 2011, it came to market. Snapchat is a photo and video-sharing app, and its popularity is increasing daily.

Snapchat uses a ghost mascot with unique features. We can send videos, photos, and messages to our friends, relatives, and family members, and we can set up a time after which our photos, news, and videos will disappear. 

After a given time, if the receiver cannot see the message, it will disappear. It provides users with unique and exciting features that many other social media apps don’t offer. This unique idea caught the attention of millions of users around the globe. Their users are increasing rapidly, and the number of users has doubled in a couple of years.

Preferably, the younger generation uses Snapchat, which aims to be used through mobile phones. According to U.S. Snapchat users, users use this app to keep in touch with friends and family.

What is the purpose of Snapchat?

Ghosting abilities like the features and filters used in Snapchat are the primary purpose of this application. Another objective of Snapchat is to connect people. Where we can send snaps, messages, and emojis for fun, you cannot use your picture as your Snapchat identity. Users generate a character or cartoon as an identity they will show others.

In Snapchat, every chat will disappear after a given time. Friends send snaps to each other and make streaks daily. If you want to build a streak with your friend, you send a picture to your friend daily. You can connect with as many people as you like.

Filters are the primary purpose of building this application, where people can use different filters for fun and make emoji faces. Additional filters, like festival filters, are also available on Snapchat. 

Filters and features update according to the outcome in real life. When an event occurs, Snapchat generates a filter about it. Snapchat became popular and a favorite among users of different generations because it allowed users to use it at their own will. Snapchat emulates behavior commonly used in honest life communication.

Chatting on Snapchat is simple. Chat in Snapchat disappears when the user swipes the message on the right side.

Users gradually increase on this application day by day. More than 210 million users will be available on this application in 2020.  


Seeking the identity of one’s being is the purpose of Snapchat. You can build your character without being judged on your originality. Snapchat has a ghost in its logo that is called the “ghost face challah.” Ghost Face Challah is a showcase of prominent features on Snapchat.

One can add a friend to a snap chat list and see pictures and videos of friends’ stories.

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