What is Automotive Technology?

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Automotive Tecnology

What is automotive technology? Studying self-driven machines or vehicles is known as Automotive Technology, as we use in sports cars, marine vehicles, tractors, trailers, etc.

People in this field have learned about car engines, brakes, fuel, power trains, electronics, diagnostic equipment, and much more.

Purpose of Automotive Technology

This is the practical application of knowledge about self-driven machines or vehicles. In this, students learn about automotive engines, brakes, fuel, electronics, transmissions, symptomatic equipment, etc.

The function of Automotive Technology

  • The main focus of this Technology is to construct, maintain, and repair cars and trucks.
  • We used gasoline, electric equipment, diesel, and alternative substances like energy and fuel in this technology.

Importance of Automotive Technology

  • Primary focus on repair to task and mechanical procedures.
  • Required experience in technology, Using Computer tools to check vehicles and using electronic devices to solve problems.

Associate Degree in Automotive Technology

A two-year program is a roughly 60-credit-hour Associative Degree (Diploma) in this Technology. This Associative Degree has primarily focused on primary education about repair, maintenance, suspensions, transmission, etc.

When you start working practically, like in repairing, manufacturing, transmission, or providing services, you have hands-on learning and become an experienced person. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Technology

A 120-credit-hour Associative Bachelor Degree in this Technology is a four-year program. In this four-year degree, you will cover the whole syllabus about Automotive. You learned about everything. Bachelor’s degree is an excellent opportunity to learn about this Technology. You get certification after completing your degree, which helps you get an excellent job in this field. 

Master’s Degree in Automotive Technology

A Master’s degree is for those who wish to develop expertise in certain specialties. Bachelor’s degree is more common than a Master’s Degree.

Is Automotive Technology the same as Automotive Engineering?


The work of an Automotive Technician is to check that a vehicle, like a car, runs smoothly or works properly. There will be no issue faced by a user who drives the car. On the other hand, Mechanical Engineers developed equipment or instruments to solve problems.


Mechanical Engineers and Automotive Technicians both have work related to mechanical equipment and systems.

Best Automotive Technologies of 2022

  • Camera (360-Degree)
  • Teen Driver Technology
  • Automatic Emergencies Brakes
  • Automatically Controlled Driver Assistance System
  • Self exit Assistance to protect Cyclists
  • Wireless Chargers and Mobile Connectivity 

Why Study Automotive Technology?

Because this Technology is in demand for Today, Tomorrow, and for the rest of the Future, traditional nuts and bolts require experienced people to handle. Nowadays, everyone is related to this Technology. Everyone has to know about the basics of this Technology.

Career Opportunities

If you study automotive technologies, you will have several career options. Beginning with vehicle repair and working your way up to mechanical technician and beyond. Here are some more career opportunities in this field:

  • Heavy Tools Mechanic
  • Light Wheel Mechanic
  • Truck or Trailer Mechanic
  • Generation Mechanic
  • Collision Repair Technician
  • Automotive Vehicles Service Technician
  • Shop Mechanic
  • Shop Foreman 
  • Operational Supervisor
  • Quality Control Inspector
  • Manufacturer

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