Top Cannabis Business Social Network Review

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Top Cannabis Business Social Network

The cannabis business has been growing more rapidly than expected, and according to an estimate, this will become a massive business in the coming years. The main thing holding back the cannabis business was the ban on its sale, and the government was taking strict actions against its sellers. Now, the government allowed its sales in certain U.S states after the law was enacted.

Cannabis business social network has become a life-saving tool for business because by using cannabis social networks, its supporters can speak or meet without worrying about being censored or their account getting terminated. 

Cannabis business social networks are great for companies and personal growth related to the cannabis business and allow these companies to connect and expand their business. With the help of these cannabis networks, you can grow your cannabis business more rapidly because it allows you to connect with like-minded people.

Top of List Cannabis Business Social Network


If you want to connect with like-minded people and personal connections with business users, then you should go with this app. Social users can follow their favorite or desired brand, and weedable provides the latest news about the cannabis business. It makes online shopping easy with just one tap with the help of a mobile app.


Massroots is one of the best cannabis business social networks because of its popularity. This app has more than 1 million users, an excellent opportunity for companies to expand their businesses. It was developed for the cannabis student users, and it is available for both Android and IOS. But you can use massroots only in cannabis-legalized states.

Due to its popularity, it attracts many top-of-list weed-related companies to show up on the site and app. It has a straightforward registration process if you want to start or promote your business. It attracts customers by giving its users free movie, concert, and festival tickets. 


Duby has its unique place in cannabis social networks because, primarily, it was not designed to be a cannabis business social network. Weed lovers used Duby to interact and connect without worrying about being in trouble when cannabis was illegal. 

Later, Dub was converted into a cannabis social network app. It provides excellent opportunities for business as it has a large user base and allows businesses to advertise themselves.


If you are an investor looking to invest in the cannabis business or if you are a cannabis business owner and looking for investors, leafwire wants to connect you. Leafwire makes a connection between investors and cannabis-related businesses, which was pretty much impossible back when cannabis was illegal everywhere. 

Leafwire is similar to LinkedIn, and it helps cannabis employers to find qualified employees. This social network isn’t for chit-chat; you can only register as either investor or a professional.


Weedmaps is a cannabis social network that helps the consumers to find the locations of nearby dispensaries and stores. As its name suggests, its main purpose is to find the local dispensaries and stores, but it provides more than just maps.

Dispensaries can post deals, and users can order online using this platform. Users can read reviews of different brands and post their thoughts on different products.

420 Magazine Forum

420 Magazine Forum is a social network where you can discuss the best strategies and techniques to grow your business in detail. You can head there to discuss new policies, regulations, laws, and legislation that might strongly impact your cannabis business. 

You can ask questions related to the weed business; with its large number of active members, you should be able to get answers and make connections with other members.


This social network helps you find new like-minded people. The main purpose of Budhubz was to connect users with other cannabis lovers while traveling or staying at home. You can locate nearby dispensaries, cannabis products, headshops, buddies, and more.


CannaSOS is a social platform to explore, rate, and review all the products and medical aspects of cannabis. It contains all the information related to the effects of cannabis. It has more than 400,000 monthly visitors, so this social media is a great place to grow your business. 

You can find all the information related to the weed business and products and dispensaries according to your needs.

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Cannabis social networks allow you to connect with other weed lovers, companies involved in the cannabis business, suppliers, customers, and many more. These social network apps provide excellent opportunities for companies to grow business and personal growth. These platforms have become an excellent source of information related to the cannabis industry.

Now, the question is, which is best for your cannabis business and personal use? There are plenty of cannabis social networks available, each with its pros and cons. It’s not easy to select one social network and stick with it because the cannabis industry is constantly evolving, and it’s pretty much impossible to stay up to date with the latest trends. Perform some research according to your needs and the features of the cannabis social network you choose to get the best out of it. 




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