Today’s Wordle Challenge Answer (For Wednesday, August 10 2022): Wordle of the day #417 and hints

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Looking for Today’s Wordle answer (Wednesday, August 10 2022)? It’s simple to assume that Wordle is the greatest invention since sliced bread, given the number of people who use it daily. Though Wordle undoubtedly adds a few more complexity, both concepts are equally ground-breaking. Many of us have been debating whether words have double letters since January and figuring out how many vowels to utilise to get the Wordle answer. The Wordle answer for today is no different, but we’re here to make your morning puzzle a bit less complicated.

Below are three suggestions that will point you in the correct way for today’s Wordle puzzle. Skip over the clues to find today’s Wordle answer if you don’t enjoy the problem and want to keep winning.

Today’s Wordle Hints

While using a few hints to assist you in getting today’s Wordle solution is entirely acceptable, cheating is wrong. Everyone occasionally requires assistance, after all. You may find our three hints for today’s Wordle answer below:

  • Wordle today contains just one vowel.
  • Today’s Wordle word starts with the letter “C.”
  • Four letters become orange when the word “LOGIC” is entered into them.

Today’s Wordle Answer (Wednesday, August 10)

It’s time to share today’s Wordle challenge answer. It is called CLING.

The verb “cling” denotes the activity of clinging to something tenaciously. If someone enters the room carrying a cup of tea, you might stick to your pack of cookies, and if it turns dark at night, you might cling to your collection of 50 million Disney teddies. No? Just you?

Be careful not to reveal the Wordle answer for today now that you know it. You can make a deadly enemy if you display it solution today before allowing everyone else to play. For many people, Wordle is a ritual.

What is Wordle?

It is a straightforward word guessing game. The objective is to correctly guess a five-letter word in as few as six guesses. Each time you think, the individual letters of the word you’ve selected will glow green if you’re right and yellow if you’re wrong. A letter won’t be highlighted if it doesn’t appear in the solution word.

By determining which letters are present in the word and where they go, you may begin to narrow down the proper word using these hints. Visit the Wordle website to give it a try. Remember that only one Wordle puzzle is issued each day, so you’ll have to wait until the next day to play again.

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How did Wordle start?

Josh Wardle, a software developer, first built it as a small family game. During the epidemic, he designed the game so that he and his partner could have some fun playing a fast word game together. However, they soon realized that there was something pretty remarkable about this small guessing game. So, after a bit of polishing, Wardle made it publicly available on his Power Language website.

The game had two million daily players by the end of the year after its October 2021 debut. It became a viral hit because of how simple it was for players to publish their findings on Twitter and other social media platforms without giving away any spoilers. Wardle agreed to the New York Times offer in January 2022 to buy Wordle for a seven-figure price. Bravo, Mr Wardle. Outstanding work.

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