Severe Thunderstorm Watch and Warning Issued for Newton, Walton and Morgan

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severe thunderstorm watch

A severe thunderstorm watch and spot by Weather radars. Threats to property and human life are imminent, according to warnings. Typically, warnings cover a considerably smaller region (the size of a small county or city) that can be affected by damaging winds or colossal hail as seen by a qualified spotter or a NWS forecaster using radar.

A severe thunderstorm watch and warning has been issued for Newton, Morgan, and Walton counties until 7 p.m. A line of dangerous thunderstorms is sweeping into north Georgia as the weekend gets underway.

Rain and thunderstorms will lessen during Friday night. The potential for severe storms Friday night into Saturday morning is Level 1 out of 5, according to Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist Brad Nitz.

What you need to know for Friday is as follows:

  • On Friday, afternoon storms will continue throughout the night.
  • The main dangers include wind gusts, lightning, and heavy rain.
  • On Saturday, further storms and showers are anticipated.

Learn about a Severe Thunderstorm

severe thunderstorm watch

Although Wichita Falls is more vulnerable to severe thunderstorms from March to June, it can happen at any time of the year. The NWS classified it as a severe thunderstorm. It can generate gusts of up to 58 mph (93 kph) and hail that is at least one inch in diameter. Remember that whirlwinds can form in any thunderstorm if the circumstances are appropriate. The NWS can issue the following four alerts in the event of severe weather: whirlwind watch, severe thunderstorm watch, whirlwind warning and severe thunderstorm warning.

Preparations for Thunderstorms

Learn what you can do to prepare for bad weather. Staying safe and reducing effects depend heavily on preparation.

Be Weather Ready

To determine if you are in danger of severe weather, check the forecast frequently. Learn more about severe thunderstorm watches and warnings by visiting weather websites.

Sign Up

Visit Emergency Weather Alerts to know how to sign up and get updates about weather. Get daily alerts from weather sites when the weather is stormy.

What Can You Do

When a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, be aware of your surroundings and what to do.

Build Your Kit

Have the essentials to get by until help arrives. Help might not arrive right away in significant catastrophes.

Prepare a communication Plan

Prepare a gathering plan that outlines a conference location for emergencies and other pertinent information. Also Prepare a plan in secure space in your basement, inner room on the lowest floor, home, or a storm cellar.

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Advance Your Plan

Regularly practice severe thunderstorm drills as a family so that everyone is prepared for the possibility of strong winds or large hail. As soon as a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, ensure that everyone in your household knows where to go. If you have the time, remember your pets.

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