Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd

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Osmose Technology

In today’s article we will be talking  about Osmose technology. It is an e-commerce online earning company. Many of us heard the name of Osmose Technology Private Limited on the internet. So what is Osmose Technology? Is it real or fake? How does it work? Who is the owner of this Technology? Should you invest in it?  And many more questions that we are going to find in this article with detail.

Osmose Technology – Real Or Fake

It is classified as a non-governmental and registered company.it was started on 24, December 2019 and it is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Let us tell you Whether this Technology is real or fake? To find out this answer we need to look at the reviews, since no scam complaint or negative reviews or negative news  has been reported against it that can prove it is fake or scam. People are getting money daily who are associated with this Technology. According to this information we can conclude that it is real.

Founders of Osmose Technology

Shubhangi Vaibhav Pataskar,Vijay Baburao Mahajan and Prashant Ramchandra Roundale are directors of Osmose Pvt Ltd.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Details

  • Name of the company: Osmose Technology Private Limited.
  • Founded in: 24, December 2019, in Pune.
  • Website type: Earning platform and E-Commerce.
  • Registered: Yes
  • Shipping: 24 hours or a few days
  • Office address: Office Number 602, Satara road, Kumar Surabhi opposite sai baba mandir, swarga Pune, 411009
  • Facebook: Osmose Technology Facebook

How does Osmose Technology Company work?

This is a shopping website where you can buy items. This company uses affiliates and applications for their shopping website. But this company used the method of networking and increased their fame and earnings. When you enter the company it’s free but then if you want to earn money you have to take the membership of the company which is around Rs.1200. This company pays more to the person who does more networking. After you spend Rs.1200 you get back a shopping coupon of Rs.1200 immediately. After this the more people you can bring the more you earn.

How does the Osmose Technology Affiliate Program work?

The Osmose Affiliate program is not a fraud or fake. If you are Affiliate you get paid on a daily basis according to your work and your level. There are seven levels to reach in the Osmose affiliate program and each affiliate gets paid according to their level. Its affiliate program works on the basis of level, as described above there are seven levels of affiliate. It also works on the basis of marketing techniques. By being active on Pikflick app created by Osmose, any promoter can earn Rs.20 daily.


Main activity of Osmose Private Limited is computer related activities for example, handling and maintenance of websites of other firms and multimedia presentation creation for other firms. It also includes business, real estate and renting activities under the computer section.

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